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Ape 101 Taiwan Club

Taiwan’s most influential community of NFT collection

We are the group of Bored Apes in Taiwan.

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The journey began with just a couple of NFT enthusiasts, who have been looking for the ultimate meaning of NFT and want to see how it will evolve as time goes by. Then, everything has changed after they adopted some boring APES. Ape 101 Taiwan Club founded in 2021, we represent the most influential and dynamic people of Taiwan’s NFT communities and the best gateway connecting Taiwan to world.

The Bored Team

ape IP authorized

Explore web3 worlds, seek out new friends and new partnerships, and boldly go where no apes have gone before.



If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?
SEIZE NFTs , SEIZE MEMEs for the culture.



Crypto/NFT is the future !



Member Privilege

NFT Alpha & WL collab

Enjoy being surrounded by the NFT alpha and latest market trend information. Priority access to whitelist in collaboration with promising NFT projects.

Licensing opportunities

Fully utilize IPs of your beloved pets. Get the monetary reward through out intellectual property licensing opportunities.

IRL events

Get tired of meeting people in the virtual space ? Seeing people in the real life can get your relations much closer than you’ve done on-line.

Exclusive channel

Able to get access to the private channels. Get contact with other like-minded people and stay in touch with them about the latest NFT alpha.

Worldwide membership

As Ape 101 club member, you can get support and warm welcome from other strategic Ape Club partners across the world such as Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, China and many more while you are traveling.

Governance right

Ape 101 club is owned by all the club members, not just ran by specific people. You all can vote on the crucial part of decision making along the way in the community.


Want to enhance fan exposure for your NFT projects?

Getting exposure to the public eyes is the most important aspect of any new NFT project. Partnering with Ape 101 club will present you not only the opportunity to work with the most influential NFT collectors in Taiwan, but also join a strategic alliance that is with more than 500 apes+ across majority of Chinese speaking areas. APEs together strong !


We provide various types of Bored Apes and Mutant Apes for you to choose. Just pick up one or multiple that you think suits your brand/product best. We are more than happy to help you make a deal with any of our members.




Want to Join Ape 101 Club?

We welcome anyone who owns Ape, Mutant, Doggo and Koda, and is a resident of Taiwan. Get in touch with us and make yourself ready enjoying the provided benefits as a member of Ape 101 Club. Don’t own any NFT from the BAYC collections and looking to buy one? Quickly contact us and we will help you to find your forever ape.

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